Delighted to be showing selected works from the 'Personal Maps' series, at the wonderful Alexandria Library, Wilmslow Road, Manchester from October until December 2017.

March 2017. 

Details of my first curatorial project: 'FOCUS ON IDENTITY' can be seen here: 


My research and practical work are beginning to focus on the formation and expression of personal, religious and cultural identities. I have begun to exhibit and comment on the work that I generate in the form of blogs and publications.  

'Focus on Identity' is my first curatorial project, which I am hoping to link to my academic work and grant applications, if successful.

My ultimate aim would be to produce a more cohesive body of practical and written work which focuses on the way we map our past and immediate experiences in the works that we generate. My most recent attempt has been 'Personal Maps' a book of limited edition works around the themes of Sense of Place and Identity.  

I am interested in how artists acquire, process and disseminate their cultural inheritance. I would like to understand what forces, overt and covert cultural norms and symbols affect artists; and in what ways we form, retain and ‘curate’ inherited histories within our art practices. 

November 2016 Awarded the prize for 'Ideas-on-Paper'  for the print Smyrna/Izmir  exhibited at the Malt Cross Midland Printmakers Open

November 2016 Work showing in the Leicester Society of Artists Annual Show at Newark Museum 

November 2016 Work selected for Passion to Print, showing at LCB, Lightbox and Leicester Print Workshop.

Inspired by the beautiful songs of my childhood
420 x 594 mm Screenprint based on original pen and ink drawing Edition of 6.

October 15th 2016: This came today, completely unexpectedly but I am very happy about it!

"You have been selected as a finalist in the "Capturing Human Rights" art contest".   

The print selected is 'Songs from my Father'.  Click on the selected image of the print above to find more about Freedom House.org

4 September 2016

George Sfougaras is doing some voluntary work;

Painting murals and other decorative arts work in Potamies, a little village in Crete to improve the local environment and for the local village memorial. Cliick on the image above to find our more.

Some photographs from the summer of 2016.

'Little Hope' Digital edition 2015

November 2015: 'Little Hope' a digital print is a winner in the Small Print International.


Click on the image of the print above to find out more.