People, Greece etc

Posted by geoalekzander on Sunday, May 13, 2012

People, Greece, etc.


A lot of the paintings are about people. A lot of the people are people I have met travelling. 


Interestingly, I seldom paint people that are close to me and when I do, I am not really keen to part with those paintings. They seem too personal and I form an attachment to those images. Not always, but mostly.


In the Greek series of works, I have been around the houses.  I have drawn and painted images of what I consider to be ‘Greece or Greek’ for a long time.  Often I am left unhappy with the result.  They seem formulaic and clichéd .  I started then to paint simple things, single figures, mostly monotone, as that somehow made them seem more authentic, less ‘sun-kissed’ and therefore, in my mind at least, somewhat more authentic.


There are exceptions as in the large canvasses.  There deep blues and darks still are dominant, and somehow make me feel that I have avoided the tourist shop aesthetic.


Who does not love their country of origin? It would be a strange if one did not. I remain ambivalent about my feelings towards Greece. Having spent most of my life in England, I sometimes feel somewhat odd at describing myself as ‘Greek’. As time passes however, I feel the call of it, something like an old and somewhat knackered bird that just desperately wants to fly back to a nest, that may in fact have long disappeared.


Ultimately we remain true to the things we love. So despite my ambivalence and the political turmoil which Greece has suffered ever since I can remember, I assume proud ownership of that baggage, that poor country and its wonderful, gutsy folk.


Where would we be without the idea of Greece, sitting over the banal reality of today. Its flag flies proud, like a dove over a car crash. 

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